About Samuel

Ever since I can remember I’ve had an interest for Film and Photography…

I grew up in love with theater and wanting to know everything there was to know about what went on back stage and behind a camera. I use to always see my father doing home videos of my siblings and I as kids growing up. Believe it or not, once I saw the old Nickelodeon show “All That,” I immediately wanted to start mimicking their crazy antics. So I grabbed my fathers camera and away I went. For many years I made videos with friends, and then finally upgraded to the Canon DSLR’s. Thats what really got me into photography. Originally I shot video with it, but then gradually got asked to do photoshoots here and there. As I got older I found a huge interest in fitness. After seeing my brother and sister both compete in shows, I had the urge to do it as well. I came across some great fitness photographers along the way and saw how much of a story and creativity they were able to bring into the image. The dramatic lighting and the epic reactions in the athletes faces sucked me right in. So now here I am able to combine both passions of mine into one.

Photography and film however aren’t my only interests and hobbies. As I mentioned before I grew up in love with theater. I remember going to go see “Phantom of the Opera” as a kid live and I immediately got a high off of all the illusions on stage and the crowds reaction. I wanted to learn how they did everything. I’d always get with friends building props, sets, and of course I had to make a dummy to drop from ceilings. Not only did I love the behind the scenes, but I’ve also had a real passion for acting. Iv’e been involved in many musicals and productions growing up. I love to draw, sing, play guitar, and play all sports, especially basketball. I’m a die hard Celtics fan, so I’m sure that will get brought up at some point during one of our sessions. So now you know a little about me. I love to meet new people, getting to know my clients, and forming a relationship. I look forward to hearing from you.

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